The following are the terms of use and rules for the site.
  1. Copyright
    This entire web site is a custom creation and all content contained within is copyrighted. If you wish to use any of the content posted on this site please contact me and I will work with you on a licensing agreement.
    1. Photography
      • All photography that is on this site is subject to copyright laws.
      • Prints of the images on this site are available for sale. The purchasing of a print entitles you to the print of the photograph. This does NOT allow you to scan, photograph, or otherwise replicate the photograph in any form. You are NOT allowed to create derivative works based on the photograph.
      • You are prohibited from publicly displaying the photograph for profit. You may display the print in public, such as in your office, but not as part of a show.
      • Some things you are ALLOWED to do with the images on the site include phone or computer wallpaper, posting links, liking via the share buttons on each page.
      • You are NOT allowed to remove the watermark on my images.
      • Commercial use may be available for many of the images, please contact me via the download button or contact form.
      • Any other usage is prohibited without written permission, please contact me with ANY questions.
    2. Blog/News Posts
      • The content of the pages, blog or news sections of the site are copyrighted.
      • Some posts will link to other sites and content belonging to other people. No content belonging to other people will be posted without written permission and will give full credit and contact information. A link on this site does not constitute any ownership or endorsement of data on the other site.
      • Some things you are ALLOWED to do with the pages, blog posts or news posts on the site include posting links, liking via the share buttons or posting a SMALL excerpt with a link back and full credit.
      • Any other usage is prohibited without written permission, please contact me with ANY questions.
    3. Other Content
      • All other content is copyrighted and protected by law.
      • Please contact me with ANY questions about licensing or permission to use any of my content.
  2. Shopping
    1. Photography
      • The sale of photographic prints from this site is powered by FotoMoto. FotoMoto provides all the payment handling and some product fulfillment for these orders.
      • If you need to change your order PLEASE contact me and if I have not begun creating your product I will do my best to help you.
      • Information which could identify you will be available to me after you place an order. This information only will be used for fulfilling your order or offering you a future discount on further products.
    2. Payments
      • Any paypal/stripe transaction you participate in with me through this site is subject to standard paypal/stripe usage practices.
      • In some cases I may see your personal information, this information will only be used to complete the transaction or any other subsequent related communications.
    3. Refunds and Exchanges
      • REFUNDS AND EXCHANGES will not be granted
      • If a print or other photographic product is damaged during shipping I will file a claim with the shipping company and will provide a reprint.
      • If you have any other issues with your purchase please contact me and I will try to correct them.
      • I have posted high quality images, 1920px on the long side, for you to look at before purchasing.
  3. Search and Advertisements
    1. Amazon
      • Any shopping that you participate in by clicking links from this site is between you and Amazon or their 3rd party merchant who actually is processing your order, these are only product listings, not actual shopping on this site.
      • Product listings from Amazon may be targeted to you based on your amazon account if you are signed in on Amazon. There is no user identifiable information available to me from your interactions with Amazon.
      • I receive a finders fee for every purchase you make via this method.
    2. Google
      • Any searches and links you click on from Google ads are between you and Google.
      • This site has NO control of the information you find by performing a search from this site or the ads displayed from Google.
  4. Personal Information
    1. Data Collected
      Statistics are logged by this server that could potentially be used to identify you. This information may be used to target advertising to you based on the content of this site. Any data collected by this site's partners is subject to the privacy policies of those sites. I will not sell log files or other data that is personally identifiable.
      1. Twitter
        • This site uses a twitter sharing widget which may be used to track your web activities on this site as well as other sites with twitter widgets. Twitter cookies are used for staying logged in to twitter for sharing purposes.
        • This site has no access to the data in these cookies.
      2. Google
        • This site uses a google plus sharing widget which may be used to track your web activities on this site as well as other sites with the google plus widget.
        • This site also may use google analytics which is a statistics tool for website administrators. This is used to determine what content is most popular as well as how to best suit the site to the visitors needs.
        • This site also may have google ads or search features. Your use of these ads or search features may be tracked by google.
        • I have no access to the cookies or any identifiable information in the stats program.
      3. Amazon
        • This site has an affiliate program with amazon and may use cookies to gain advertising revenue for any amazon purchases you make on the amazon site.
        • These cookies are not available to me.
      4. Fotomoto
        • This site uses a widget from fotomoto for use in a shopping cart.
        • If you make an order I may gain access to your personal information for purposes of fulfilling your order or offering future discounts and product announcements.
        • I have no access to your credit card details or other financial information through use of this shopping cart.
      5. This Site
        • I use various cookies for setting user preferences on this site.
        • These preferences include but are not limited to image sizes, event gallery passwords and login data.
        • I also collect personal information via web contact and comment forms which are 100 percent voluntary.
        • This site also collects web server data that could potentially be used to identify individual users.
        • These logs will not be shared or sold. In the event if a court order or security breach they could become exposed.
    2. Data Provided
      If you supply any personal information to this site that is not logged by the web server, ie: a web form, comments or email, that information will be held to the same level of security as any other information that is collected.
  5. Contact and Licensing
    Please contact me with any questions regarding use of information and photographs on this site. I am willing to discuss licensing option with any interested parties.

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